Inspiration for this blog

Why create a blog to discuss false police reports? It is 2021 now, this incident started in 2011. In 2018 the person who made uptake false information, confessed to doing so on tape, in a notorized document and recorded. Additionally, forensic evidence was given to the the state police but to this date, 2021, we have been denied letting one of our experts into he crime lab to examine it, they sure haven’t, and we have not been able to file for a PCR due first to the and now Covid. Tis started with Jamestown Police officer Derick Carlino falsely stating in his police report stating the accused confessed. Tis did not happen but due to the police report no other investigation into the crime happened. It is too late it seems to help my fmauy but maybe sharing this disastrous story more will have an effect on someone and police camera’s will be enforced and confessions can not be claimed without the agreement of the alleged  confessor.  The rest of this blog was written earlier and as dates indicate.

My family was falsely accused and then further tormented by a false police report that only exasperated the situation and created havoc for my family for the last three years.  Read our story… My beautiful and perfectly imperfect family was plugging along, and we were doing OK.  A disgruntled person make many false accusations. It was sad, embarrassing and frustrating.  Authorities came to investigate the allegations.  We remained as calm and cooperative as possible.  The ugly situation would have just ended if a proper investigation was done. However, this is not what happened.

I know some trollers have found the page.  My family did find true friends.  We did squash the CPS crap Dotti spitefully made up to destroy us.  We plead a no conteste to a charge of CP because Dotti placed CP on a guest account I would not have looked at normal and  sent police to find it. We did not even know it was there.  We were able to prove this later forensically but the damage of destroying our known net work of friends and community was done.  We could not get the no conteste thrown out as of yet because the judge claims he did not like our expert witness. What it really comes down to it is that there is no way they are going to let a police officer in the state of Rhode Island be held accountable for his correct actions.  We as a family have moved on.  jam sad the true criminal and culprit Dotti is allowed to be free even after her fowl play and fowl role was established. Again we are not black nor were we poor just not given our constitutional rights to defend against a false charge.  Vote and push for police body cameras or this could be your family next time an inlay has a mean streak grudge against you.

The blog is lengthy and other than this first part that starts at the end it will go in order over the 2 plus year ordeal.  As I stated I am disappointed in the failure of the justice system but since I have found we are far from alone in being failed by this judge.  The life long appointment judges have make them unaccountable for corrupt,  acts of the judges. The stress of being let down and having to witness first hand the coverup for the original officer who failed to preform his investigation correct, the bubbled, intentionally irresponsible acts of testate crime lab and then the judge being completely unjust, corrupt to play along with the continued cover up, this stress may prove too much for me nad the accuse may get more than she even wanted. The accuser and framer, Dotti wanted me in an institution, Scott incarcerated and all her grandchildren in foster care, yes this sick pup disgrace of a human being who so far only accomplished keeping Scott from work may shorten my life yet. Her insane efforts would have ended if the original detective did his job instead of lie on three-part and claim there was a confession.  Anyway,  they have laws in effect to protect a few unfortunate children from harmful boogie men.  Now let some one place terms on judges so that they may have some accountability for their reigns and may some chose to not be reigns of terror that many judges seem to enjoy now.  We have Megan’s Law for boogie men outside the law.  May there someday be a law for AmberSky for her nad her brothers childhood were stolen by corruption in the legal system.  It is true that an outsider started it but if the incorrect report had been corrected and acts were taken to undo the wrong in the start there would not be so many layers of coverup and corruption. As long as police and state workers may rely on the residing judges to keep the coverup going and throw out evidence then on citizen as the right of due process anymore and we now live in complete oppression.  We the people need to lead the way out by demanding reform in the judicial system as part of the reform and demand terms for judges.

It is important to note that by the end of the the two plus year soga this blog posts Dotti had been found to have possessed CP in 1999-2001 and 2005-2006, hacked into our computers tampered with the witnesses, discussed our discovery with the AG of the first trial, befriended and quieted one witness, had the manager of her residence fired thus tampering with another witness she new about via her illegal computer hacking just to name few  but based on the detectives assertion that there was a confession the proven criminal,  Dotti, the accuser is free.  Is it because she declares herself a lesbian so the authorities are too intimidated to press charges on her?  Is it because she has been a reporter for 50 years and has bee able to lean on her political connections she gained in her reporting experience?  Is it because the politicians she befriended have things they need to hide.  hmmm.  come back soon I will be listing the direct connections between her an the politicians soon.  Why would anyone go out of their way to defend or help her at this point?  What is it they are hiding, hmmmm

I have been a victim of cyber stalking, internet hacking, had my rights to discovery compromised. We spent our savings go before a judge who we were told was crazy ahead of time and and after the years of waiting we presented the evidence as well as the evidence that the crime lab purposely withheld information and was uncooperative, evidence that the detective withheld evidence and then destroyed it was presented.  The Judge through out the evidence to cover for his fellow state workers and cover for them.  The corruption is so thick the real criminals are the ones in uniform.

Forensic facts were thrown out by the judge because he did not like the expert witness.  The new evidence was presented wit documentation so it should not have been ignored.  The thumb drive withheld from the defendants the fist round and then destroyed by the same detective, this is documented even after the request to not destroy evidence was placed, contained files on it not on the la Cie the accuser handed in or the desk that files were found.  This break in the forensic evidence more than proves the story the accuser was selling is not true in its entirety. The judge dismissed all the new evidence, validate one comment form the accuser who then took the fifth even though numerous lies fro mine accuser had already been documented.  The horrendous  misjustice makes me wonder if the judge known to be overly harsh is even rational enough to maintain his honored role.  Every person faces health issues and personal issues, when they are able to cloud judgement and thinking to the point of irrational opinions at  what point do we allow the mis carriage of justice to continue?

Theft that Dotti admits to having he materials on he computer, manipulating them, moving them around from several devices, admits she would go to jail, she hacked our accounts, spoke with the prosecutor regarding our private email conversations taking away our rights to discovery the first trial. she has been vindictive, vicious relentless, and destructive to our family, completely broke the laws, caught in several lies but our expert was not credible and the judge deeded to believe Dotti.  We were advised it would be impossible to have a fair hearing from Judge Nugent and they were right.  The following is not in perfect order but today December 14, 2015 was not the greatest day.  Dotti, my mom who suffers from mental deterioration and paranoia tried to frame us of abuse and child porn.  The system would have figured this out and justice would have prevailed if the detective on hand, Carlino, did not lie on his report and claim a confession was made by my husband.  There is no recording documentation or witnesses because it never happened and yet anyone could be found guilty of anything based on an unsupported allegation of an officer.  We spent tens of thousands and thousands of dollars and showed judge  Nugent stated he did not take our expert witness testimony as anything because he lacked the I guess experience and decided to ignore all the new evidence and rest his denial of PCR based on the insertion of Detective Carlino that there was a confession.  This is the reason why body  cams on all state agents such as police and social workers are critical.  Right now they seem to be encouraged to lie on their records to increase and bloat numbers.  It is disgusting and we need to lean on our elected officials to do something about the injustice.  I am more disappointed in the system letting us down than my crazy,  mom who framed my husband right now.  We know that in her paranoid state her long tie life partner who is a committed mental patientfora number of years fanned on her paranoid state and encouraged her to do what ever she needed to destroy my world. But enough emotion lets talk about the new forensic facts that were dismissed by the judge. He dismissed them saying the person who presented was not credible enough to believe the new forensic information and so he went back and sited the information from the original reports as fact again when the point was the new evidence showed they were not facts.  And let us all not forget that fact the the accuser had the criminal files in possession for almost two years, moved the files from one device to another, one place to another and then she she was not invited over our home because of her disruptive spiraling behavior she decided to launch  a full attack on our family.  None of this is in any information presented.

FYI: On an audio take when asked what would happen if they knew what she had done and she replied I would be in prison. This was not considered an admission f guilt by the judge.

So the new forensic information clearly shows that the files found on the desktop of the family computer were not from lime wire sharing system as the detective initial jumped to the conclusion or inserted like he inserted there was a confession.  The forensics also showed

Carlino was the detective that made misleading report, false police statements and did not and in the thumb drive with duck tape evidence to my attorney for examination.

Brandon Bell was the first attorney who took all our money, never y made single motion, we did not get a full forensic report done and did not demand that we see all our evidence and had as plea because no research or investigation like we had asked for had been done and said we should plea.  Since there was not any investigation done to help us disprove and the state will always have the unwitnessed, unrecorded because they never happened confessions to rest there cases on and that is what Detective Carlino had.

Judge Nugent decided that the woman who lied on her report she gave the the police, was found in passion of CP on three occasions and had a known vendeda against our family and suffers from paranonia and dementia should be given the benefit of the doubt because even though she falsified reports and lied on several occasions and was recorded admitting to this she should not be considered suspicious because why, maybe the love fest between him and Gendrin. Judge Nugent went against every point brought to court and even though he allowed our expert to be the expert witness said he gave no credibility to our expert and so did not give weight to his information and then relied back to the original inaccurate police report for facts and sited even some of those twisted facts incorrectly taking the information even further from what happened.  He did say our attorney would was right to have us plea and one of  our attorney’s main points for a plea was how irrational and crazy Nugent is as a judge and that we would never have a fair trial by him.  This would be one of the point’s Bell made that I clearly agree with.  My Question is why do we allow judges who are feared by others who have to work with him and known for crazy sentencing and verdicts continue to be on bench? An added note when n explain we had Judge Nugent they all go ohh well no wonder he is not rational and is known for his biased judgements.  Peopled not like Judge Nugent because it is known he is doesn’t even pretend to be fear or open to truth. He is for the prosecutor all the time.  You would think this is good but punishing innocent people or over punishing crimes is not good for the community.

I just have to write it again, so Judge Nugent see he evidence and knows hat Dotti Lied on her police report, he sees the evidence and in his version Dotti knew about the CP for two years, Judge Nudgent sees the evidence and knows Dotti had illegal computer access.  He sees all this but because he is so determined to not let any pleas be overturned in post conviction he ignores the evidence claiming it came from a less seasoned so not really qualified person to be a expert and falls back to the initial reports that we already gave evidence that showed they were erroneous and then adds his own twist and misunderstanding so even further from the truth story of what he thinks happened singing praises about the cop that lied on his report and praises to the computer expert who at first did not find the images, then gave incomplete report after another and even misplaced a report, way to spend our tax dollars.  So another full of misinformation and untruths is not a legal document.  No justice was served, the community will have to support an innocent man because RI as no integrity in there police and courts.  WE let fictitious reports serve as enough to ruin peoples lives.   No one even wants to go up in Judge Nuggets court because Judge you are know for your irrational, extreme, nonsensical maneuvers. The judge, like the officers, does not have to use actual reason in his paperwork and can not be corrected.  He is a bully with a black robe. Great role model. I wanted to correct him in his reading of the facts but i was assured Iwould have just been placed in contempt of court and gone to prison.  So there is no way to correct untrue erroneous court documents that  I know of.

Gendrin (I do not have the spelling correct yet) was the prosecuting attorney fighting our post conviction every step.  There was no justice served by this this is just his job. It is difficult for outsiders to understand how unethical, immoral prosecuting attorneys are and who they have absolutely nothing to do with justice it is their job.

Britney is the first name of the Computer expert who could not find evidence, provided incomplete evidence and then found not locate actual evidence at times but because she had the experience the judge wanted to recognize he offered only her interpretation on   the forensic evidence. Please read all the mishaps with the forensic evidence in the following summaries of what happened in our case.

The judge clearly infrared and stated he inferred we purposely never called out Dotti for setting us up.  This is an incorrect and untrue inference but as the many many incorrect information the judge passed off as fact s in his summary of what he chose to not grant post conviction relief we are not allowed to correct him or comment or update the incorrect information.  This was exactly the case when the plea was made.  We both heard the misinformation stated at the plea looked at each other looked at our attorney who struggled his shoulders as in there is nothing to do and we were not allowed to speak while it was happening so it was not like there was an opportunity to correct the misinformation in the first reading we were not allowed to correct he judge in his reading of incorrect facts at he PCR summary judgement.  Our life is not that bad right now so it is more the complete disappointment in the system failing than anything else that creates this immense sadness.  I am hoping if I journal enough of the information someone who is in a similar situation will be able to benefit from our mistakes as we keep trying to defend false allegations.  We may need to just roll the verdict for us but it is a huge disappointment for our entire community that false statements made by a detective on his report and a false statement that there was a confession is all it takes right now to ruin a families good name. Every person should be shaken when they here this. Every citizen could have their freedoms taken by false statements made by a police officer on his report and just the assertion of an officer saying there was a confession is all that is needed right now to destroy a person’s life.

December 11, 2015 we were supposed to have the answer from the judge today but our attorney is sick (Friday) so it will be postponed for another day.  And then the probation officer comes this morning while we are getting the kids ready to go to school.  Scott left to go drop off the kids and the probation officer to prove she has no boundaries and no rules to go by insists that even though Scott is not there she can come in my home and look around without my husband there.  My youngest has ground his teeth to the pulp due tot he stress of government agents abusing their powers and positions. My youngest has grinder his teeth down to the pulp thanks to this stress.  It is a power tripping look at me and focus on me behavior.  The examples I site through pout this blog are all perfect examples of why emotionally damaged people are not the ones who should be with power.  They have no way t to distinguish between right and wrong.  It a the ultimate in control  with Tina Murphy.  I am sure she is absolutely loving the fact that her over the top unnecessary power tripping visits causes th anxiety. Zero accountability for any government agent at this time.  wow.

If these entries are read  hope it is by a person in the very beginning of their nightmare and it will help them realize they need to document everything themselves and do the foot work themselves for their defense.  If you are wrongly accused know you are the only one who is going to take the pain stating time to address the real accusation and make a real defense.  Attorneys will be your needed mouth piece in the courtroom at all but this is not TV and attorneys do not do investigation or research for you.  They send very little if any time on your case if they are not right in front of you and you need to make them understand the facts so they may present them.  Otherwise they are going to take all your money that you willingly hand over to them to make the nightmare go away  only to discover they planned on you pleading all along and even though they never write one motion for your behalf they will tell you the day before a trial that you owe even more than the ridiculous fixed amount you mortgaged your home for.  The attorney knows the language of the court and you need one for this but you need to present your attorney with every document,  every spread of information and even case law to help if necessary to save you and your family from the crazy injustice placed on you.   If you are new to the court hell and being falsely accused you think of your attorney as your salvation, stop and it is much more than this.  You need to be on top of the information needed to get you out.  Attorneys are going to be paid by you if they win, lose or plea for you.  You will ultimately determine what they do, you will likely lose if you do nothing yourself and do not plea.  You will likely plea at the end because of the panic when you realize the attorney was not able to magically find information that clears you like they do on TV and you are scared of a trial, you will go to trail if you spent time to prepare your attorney to defend you.  And you may win if you are successful in presenting all the information and facts supporting your case in a logical manner to our attorney who will then treat you like a high functioning defendant. You are in for the fight of your life and ultimately you are the one who will have to prove you are not guilty.  Attorneys are necessary but not the complete solution, you need to be proactive 100% to the end.

I am inserting this note at the beginning. It is now 12/10/2015. So the summaries were handed in ahead of time to he judge and the judge will rule based o the written summaries.  The prosecutor is hanging his hat on the convenient unrecorded, undocumented because it never really happened confession claimed to have happened by the same detective who also withheld evidence in the first trial and then destroyed evidence during the second trial even though he was told not to this case was continuing.  He also falls back on th same argument that there was no new material evidence to support a post conviction relief. This is why it is so important for all officers to have to wear recorders along with all DCYS workers.  In this day and age police and social workers working for DCYS are rewarded with pay raises and status for every family they suck into the system.  Neither department has any accountability. Police and DCYS can accuse, pull to trial anyone any amount of times without real evidence, the families ultimately found not guilty and yet have their entire reputation ruined and absolutely zero consequences to the state agent who filed false claims, wrote fairy tales instead of police reports and blatantly insert false claims of evidence to support the charges in hopes of adding yet another destroyed family to their list to be proud of.  This is the training they receive and it is presently approved by our elected officials since they seem content to allow these clear violations of our rights, injustices to our communities to continue without consequences.  Fact based training rather that greed based training, accountability and real documentation via now very accessible video is needed to start correcting the corruption and swing back the system toward justice.

I(t has been a four year battle and it is Sunday September 13, 2015 and it seems with our own team now dropping the ball we are likely and are bankrupt.  It is like our own legal team is in on never letting us get to the finish line. And we postponed and then went in October thinking it was closing argument time but wait our attorney I believe requested closing arguments in writing so another six week delay at least.  Yes a person who was not in right mind may have created a bad situation but the irresponsible, negligent, sloppy, purposely with holding evidence lying group of thugs paid by the state to feed jails did not do their job and close out the issue.  The opportunity to score a conviction even on innocent people was too great.  The police report was not accurate and false in several places, the detective in charge at the time wrote a fairy tale instead of a police report have learned this is quite routine and police/detectives are rewarded only for their convictions and not on doing a good job or what is right.  We allow this set up and therefore somewhat responsible for what goes wrong.  The police write what ever they want to dream up on their reports.. They need crime to justify their existence, pay and it is how they are recognized and moved up.  There is no accountability for their behavior or actions so they may create , dream up and feed who ever they want to the court system. No one seems to care how corrupt the police become.

Anyway evidence was withheld and then even after they were told not to destroy the evidence they destroyed the evidence. The crime lab did not do the reports asked of them, claimed nothing to report until pressed and still to this day purposely withheld part of the information on the crime reports, the dates. The assistant AG play keep away with paperwork.  My kids have been over scrutinized and not allowed to certain situations do to the negative stigma the false allegations brought against our family.   but this is toward the end.  From the beginning:

July for years ago: A young detective D.C. came around 8:15 in the morning with many assistants to search our home with a warrant that wasn’t even properly written up.  We did not stop the search anyway, not that following the law was anything that the defective was interested in doing. We have been very active in our community and have three children. We were very cooperative and wanted the search to be as thorough and quick as possible.  They wanted to see our computers and electronics.  We were cooperative to show them anything. but they wanted to look on their own anyway.  My children were terrified and I was, and still am furious as to why a small town with very little “action” had to make this event as traumatizing as possible on my family.

The detective finally stated what he search was about and that he want to search our computers.  Since all our computers but one, have parental control there was only one that could have had anything wrong on it and my husband immediately showed the detective the family compute run the den to search.  A little while after I am up i my room observing the assistants to the detective search my room.  Detective D.C. approached me and said that my husband just confessed to a crime downstairs.  i looked at him and said so you are spreading lies around already.  I shouted down to my husband, do you know this detective is spreading lies about you.  The detective said I can not go around shouting and I had to remain quiet. On the police report the detective wrote the statement that my husband confessed.  He also wrote that I was not surprised about the charges when he spoke with me upstairs.  Another comment he chose to make in his report is that we were not surprised and acted calm. These are just a few of the false and  inaccurate statements made on the report. First and most important, the is not a recording of a confession, a written statement of a confession or any proof of a confession that my husband made because he never made one, but the detective wrote this down on his form and just about all investigation stopped.
This one lie on the report by the detective was all that was needed to destroy my family. The comment on the report that we did not get upset or act surprised he may be referring to the fact that we remained calm.  We had three children in the home and there was no reason they need tone any further scared by the situation.  Good parents and good people over all would not want to frighten their children.  I can see by the behavior of detective D. C. how this could be confusing since he clearly has no idea how to be responsible with his power as a police officer. One of the many other false and purposely mis-leading statements detective  D. C. made on his statement was that I was not surprised when he told me my husband confessed.  I called him a liar to his face and called this downstairs that he was telling lies.  I am not sure how he translated into I was not surprised that he stated my husband confessed.  I was not surprised the detective was making false statements to me.  Being a “bad friend” during questioning and making any lies up that they want to have a suspect make useful statements in their case against a suspect is standard procedure in an investigation.  Writing down false statements and inaccurate information on a report is not considered proper procedure and yet some is tolerated under the thought of saving time.

Writing down false confessions, having absolutely nothing to back up the confession and yet having it use as the driving force to stop all investigation into allegations and sentence a family to hell should not be tolerated.  There really is no loin to funding the courts of law if there dis no longer even a shred of effort to keep it just. The detective made sure to search my underwear drawer, and by the way  I was not even the suspect, he took my underwear out of my drawer in and scatter it around my room.  This was done purposely to be disrespectful.  The police force in my small town has a lying, disrespectful, unlawful punk with a badge as a detective that our tax dollars are paying for.  Police are to use their badge and their power to protect and serve the community.  Abusing this power should be criminal.

I am adding an update since this last post.  It was learned that critical evidence detective D. C. had, was not turned over in the first discovery session and destroyed by the same detective D. C.  Additionally new evidence pertaining to this case was never followed up on because it is at the discretion of the detectives ? to decide if they will follow through on new evidence.  At first the fact hat there was new evidence was denied by the detective. There was new evidence turned in at two different towns and both detectives did not investigate the new evidence or turn it over to the state crime lab until the judge decided the new evidence should be looked at. The evidence was withheld and was ordered to be looked at by the judge.  Now my family will have to wait and hold our breath to see if the new evidence is processed, if the new information will be fully disclosed in a timely manner  or will it we lost, damaged or destroyed while in police custody again. Mini update,  D.C. dragged his feet and handed the new evidence in two weeks into April., weeks after judge’s order to do so.

AG asked for a postponement because she was not able to get the new report back in time (huh, maybe if the detectives cooperated and followed the judges orders this time, but wait they did not follow the requests for information last time so nothing new here.  AG asked for one week but all the court trials halted while the clerks etc were trained on new computer software for the courthouse so the postponement was for three weeks.  But wait the AG would not had over the report she received one week before the next trio late because it was missing a signature so we will be paying our attorney to go in and stand before the judge to say we did not receive a copy of the new evidence report so we will need to have a continuance so we can review the new evidence.  In a post conviction trial our only need it to present hat there is new evidence which we have done and yet we are again being delayed and postponed.  So the detective who withheld discovery in our first trial drags his feet on the post conviction trial.  the seconded detective from  a different town has one fort stating that there dis new evidence that is similar to the first round and then states that there was nothing on the new evidence to turn in and then when asked to bring in the new evidence, a thumb drive, he decides to look at it again and wow finds the new evidence but wait it seems to be corrupted,  hummmmmmm.   No word on the report of the thumb drive again.  So for post conviction trial evidence is not turned in again, withheld and then somehow found damaged.  In the first trial the evidence was withheld and then at first chance destroyed by the detective in charge.  So is lying on police reports, withholding and then destroying evidence and flat out ignoring judges orders all part of police training?  Is this how they are taught to perform police work?  Is his how we want our tax money spent.

Meanwhile a few parents from my kid’s school decide that they do not want children of a convict in their school even though we have been transparent and told the administration they are welcome to call us and even our attorney to have information so they would not need to be scarred of our family and children.  I have not been as proactive in stopping the adult bullying because I believed soon  We filed for the post conviction relief last June, about a year ago,  I believed the charges would be dropped and it would be easier to reassure parents there is nothing to fear.  I have to be afraid for my children for vigilante behavior from ignorant parents every day.

Even in a christian school there were a few adult bullies who encouraged the shunning of my children.  It has been very frustrating and emotionally draining to have to endure families traumatizing my children and hurting my family for inaccurate information (even if all was true and is what it is my spouse was found to not be a danger to anyone and we have few legal restrictions right now.  By fighting just the stigma of the situation we place the family in greater wrist because we will be open to a new trial of the same case even if post conviction relief is granted.

This would mean a trial without the negotiation of a no contest plea.  The plea was taken because we were told that i we did not take the plea that very day even though we had not seen all the evidence it was likely my spouse would not be able to participate tin raising our children.  He took a plea and allowed his fantastic reputation to be smeared to keep the family out of risk of media smearing and to protect them from exactly what happened anyway. Excuse the tangent, so tomorrow our attorney is going to of ask the judge that postponed the trial and left orders that all new evidence be investigated that his orders were not followed and we did not receive a cop to review or have our opportunity to review the new evidence so the trial will be postponed yet again.

Mean while a mini “lynch mob, or group of adults in my town has taken it apron themselves to attempt the block my children from extra curricular activities.  I am having a hard time shielding them from  the hateful bullying adults determined to hurt us by hurting our children. I did not allow this out come to rule my life.   I went forward and I have been working and I have been keeping my children safe.  We have been keeping things together for our children and there shave been supportive families.  I have not made this case the only focus of our life since life will continue anyway but recently I wanted to transfer one of my children to another christian school, tis was zero problem because he is a good child but parents from my town decided to block this based on rumors that were not even true.

The school had a new principal who did not know what to do so she whose to be hurtful to my child and shun him rather that sit down with me and get all the facts.  I would not like my child at this school based on the actions of the principal but the hurtful actions through me.  It shook my confidence and it fueled the small hateful pace of parents who are out to hurt my smily just for sport under the rouge of protecting their family.  People thought businessmen were ruthless,  a pack of overprivileged, rich parents with money and time to burn and no real responsibility  other than to amuse themselves, aha tis more amusing than using power cards to kick a family when they are down? So the delay just allows the pack to become more bold and brazen in their behavior.  The state workers have all the power and corruption and we keep voting in politicians tha tallow the corruption to continue.

And a quick update for today.  The AG claims to have mailed the report to our attorney and did not have a copy on her  today to give to our attorney.  The judge told the AG to give a copy to us and resched for next week.  We were also informed that the state crime lab did not even investigate or write-up a report on the major of the two items handed in to the crime lab, that would be the one from detective D.C., the detective that withheld evidence and then destroyed evidence last time and then waited for another two weeks after he was told to bring the new evidence up to the state crime lab to bring it up to the state crime lab.  hmmmmmm  Yet another police brother looking out for one of his own ins tread of doing their job and looking for justice perhaps.  the motto rather 12 men judge me than 6 men carrying me is for be safe and just not for wasting tax payer money and prosecuting the innocent.

My children are so hurt by this because unknowing people take it apron themselves to be shunning to them for grownup things.  They are the ones intentionally causing harm to my children because of a power card that their was a plea negotiated earlier.

So a mini update last PC trial time was continued to next week because the AG did not hand over the forensic report.  We also learned that she, the AG, did not even bother to have the report on the second piece of evidence even started and just had the sad excuse  that she did not even know we wanted that report.  There is a court order to process the evidence and give a report by the judge himself and the AG gets to ignore the order.

We received what they are calling report on the first piece of evidence and it was a few brief paragraphs not even confirming or denying anything illegal on the evidence.  It was not a report of the evidence at all just a piece of fluff to drag out the case.  It appears they are hoping we ail stop asking for the correct information from the reports and what just go away.  So their version of the report was available Thurs before the Holiday evening so all we can do is go and ask for the information again and see if they will provide the evidence again that they are playing keep away with.

To review: the original police detective, D.C.  lied on his police report all together from the original investigation, withheld key evidence from this original discovery time and then destroyed the kept evidence ASAP. With the new evidence he did not turn it over the crime lab for almost a year and it was turned over because of the judge ordered it and he still held on to the it for a few extra weeks and then so far for a several months he has managed to have it not processed up in the crime lab even though the court has ordered it to be done with the AG.

The second piece of evidence was turned in in the neighboring town M-town Police station.  The detective there looked at it, made a brief report about it having similar illegal stuff on it, questioned a few people and then sat on it.  When he was asked about the piece of evidence for this trial he said he did not find anything on it and it was just sitting in the station.  This M-town detective was asked to bring this evidence in and then the night before he brought it in miraculously he looked at it for the first time (again) and discovered there was something on it but that it may be corrupted.  This new evidence was handed over to the AG at the courthouse way back when the Judge ordered that reports be made of all the new evidence. So the original J-town detective lied on his report, withheld and then destroyed evidence from the first investigation and then on the second investigation did not turn in new evidence at all until weeks after a judge ordered him to and hmmmm the report still has not been processed or handed in.

The M-town detective gets new evidence that he stated he viewed but then asked why he did not turn it in he conveniently forgets he viewed it and then states there is something illegal and hands it in to a crime lab that does not provide a forensic report like asked but hands back a few paragraphs so nondescript that it doesn’t even mention their is anything illegal on what was handed in. The AG does not get a copy of this not even remotely complete report on one of the two pieces of evidence in time for last trial date.  She has an office in the building of the court trio late and she was not about to provide a copy of the incomplete report that day so we would have to come back the next trial date to ask for the evidence again. So the detective in J-town is morally, ethically and legally corrupt, the M-town detective has no issue helping his J-town corrupt detective out with playing keep away with evidence, Someone at the state crime lab, his/her name should be on the report, has zero issue not doing his/her job of processing key evidence which again is his/her job,and we get the incomplete report on one of the two pieces of evidence The AG is willing to go along with the keep away if not actually organizing part of this new evidence keep away game. I am in a mini version of the Pelican Brief issues.

Why would I be feeling unsafe from the state organization baht is meant to protect the general public and the justice system?  I am having trust issues here I wonder why? So I guess it is futile to go into protective hiding from the same organization that is screwing with us.  I do not understand why our cue would be so important that everyone is willing to not do their state job or is this multi level of corruption just the norm and no one even cares? I think my family should have a restraining order against the Jamestown detective at the very least. I am feeling very unsafe for my family and myself right now. J-town detective lies on his first police report, withholds key evidence and then destroys key evidence if first trial.  He withholds key evidence in the second trial and it is to be seen what he destroys in the second trial new evidence.  in J-town is morally, ethically and legally corrupt, The M-town detective has no issue helping his J-town corrupt detective out with playing keep away with evidence, State crime lab: Someone at the state crime lab, his/her name should be on the report, has zero issue not doing his/her job of processing key evidence which again is his/her job,and we get the incomplete report on one of the two pieces of evidence The AG: is willing to go along with the keep evidence away game if not actually organizing part of this new evidence keep away game. I am in a mini version of the Pelican Brief issues.

Why would I be feeling unsafe from the state organization baht is meant to protect the general public and the justice system?  I am having trust issues here I wonder why? So I guess it is futile to go into protective hiding from the same organization that is screwing with us.  I do not understand why our cue would be so important that everyone is willing to not do their state job or is this multi level of corruption just the norm and no one even cares?

So the person who made the original complaint against us that started this entire mess was  appointed an attorney and a list of information for a true report was handed in.  A date was sched for next  week as a status check in to keep everyone moving but then it was already moved out another week so now two plus weeks just for a check in as to is everything moving a long.  So no resolve for  the end of the school year.  It will likely be held over to September since everyone takes vacations in summer.

So lets review our probation officer.  Our last one was grounded at least.  Not nice but did not initiate issues or go out of her way to create drama.  The probation officer we have now, Tina, has zero concern with reading or following the guidelines of our agreement, likes to make up her own rules and loves drama.  This probation officer is the number one problem I have keeping stability for my children.  I made a formal complaint against her detailing her behavior but it went nowhere.  Another example of how the government has zero accountability for its own employees.

It is the morning of the next pretrial where we should have had the evidence handed over by the AG and yet we have not received the reports requested.  The AG did not return the messages left by our attorney and we will again pay for our attorney to go and make another court date because we will not be able to go forward without the evidence. The request for evidence and exact information was given in writing and placed on court record and yet we are here at the next date without response from the AG and without the requested evidence.  AG does not care they are state funded and will be paid regardless of performance.  Zero accountability for state workers performances at all levels.  This is one of the reasons we are broke as a country, paying out tax money and not  receiving  the services we pay for.

June 17th’s update is that the state crime lab is refusing to run the report on the new evidence saying it (I guess the avenue to justice) would take too long but the compromise is that in addition to all out tax dollars supporting the crime lab we need to pay our own expert to go in and examine the evidence.  Lets see how long it takes the lab to grant a date our expert can go in and examine the evidence. And this information could have been  passed via a phone call but the AG is not communicating with our attorney so we will have to have at least weekly check ins with the court to pass info between the two.  Our tax dollars at in the name of justice. It was explained that no one in the crime lab or any department would lift a finger to assist unravelling a case  Our judicial system does not serve justice. June 26 update.

So yesterday the person responsible for this mess and the AG’s witness was given an attorney even though she is not accused of anything because when they play back her audio of self-incrimination they do not want her to incriminate her self by admitting anything freely, so tax payers are paying for an attorney for the AG, Jeanne’s witness.  And while we are speaking of the AG I am once again confirm that they are completely soulless to be able to have an AG position since she has stonewalled our efforts to get to the evidence at every corner.  She has managed to get the new date pushed all the way to August leaving zero hope this incident will be resolved prior to school start date.  But we do not pay AG’s to serve justice or care about the children they are harming.  So I guess she is a fantastic AG.

I am confused because the Judge did order that we are given all reports and have access to the evidence and wanted cooperation for this to happen.  There was not a report done on the evidence so our expert witness asked in detail to be provided with the information from the evidence that was handed in to state custody.  The state crime lab said it would be too much work for them to provide the information requested.  I do not see where they should be able to refuse to provide evidence that the judge already wrote an order for.  We could subpena (sp) the request for evidence but the AG was willing to let us spend our money and send in our expert to get the information we requested.  I do not think this is right or just but if it was going to move the process along we already swimming in debt so if it was going to happen ok. But the AG has stonewalled us for weeks just with the correct information to get an appointment to get into the crime lab.  So I do not see this arrangement.  So far I believe every request for information made by our attorney from the police departments and crime labs have been stonewalled. We requested reports, logs and information correctly by our attorney and the information was never handed in.

I hope when this is over and I am allowed to tell people what is going on someone going through  similar situation will realize and prepare for a long battle that hs zero to do with providing justice all about state workers abuse of power and  inflated egos.  Although the fact that they are state workers seems to give amnesty to having to be held responsible for their actions so why not have an extremely large ego.

Quick update.  It is Sunday July 13, 2014.  June 17 2014 it was relayed that the crime lab refused to provide the lengthy request for information on the evidence it supposed to have in its possession.  To keep things moving the judge and AG agree to allow us to have a computer expert to examine the evidence.  Yes of course on our dime.  But we need to get an appointment to examine the evidence.  Within a week our expert talks to the woman in charge, I am told the states one and only expert who is able to assist us ( this one and only for the entire state I am having a hard time accepting but then we are talking about state)  and the  crime lab explains the evidence is not even at the crime lab turned in where we were once told and that each of the original town’s PD still has possession of the new evidence pieces.  So yes they are still playing keep away with the evidence at this time. A Review again, the judge ordered we are given the information requested and the crime lab says no we will not.  So the judge orders we are allowed to have our own expert examine the evidence and they say that the evidence did not even make it to the crime lab or handed in.

So does a judge have any real control or power to facilitate an almost fair trial for people who have the luxury of liquidating everything as we’ll as retirement funds in attempts for justice or is it that even those who pay are not going to have even a taste of justice?  Is there any real reason to attempt to keep a court system if the police departments do not cooperate with each other at all.  This is a travesty toward all citizens because this means any person could be accused of and placed in custody and held without any hope of a fair trial.  Anyone can be accused of and sentenced of anything without any evidence even needed to be presented. Going back to the post conviction trial preparation.

We met June 17th and we were given a check in for July 28th and then a trail date for August 12.  This makes it over a year of pretrial check ins to get the chance to present evidence at least in front of a judge. So it took from June 17 to July 10 and we learned that the expert was on training this week so we could not have a date to examine the new evidence.  I am not sure why the date could not have been set via a phone call in the weeks from June 17 and July 3. So now we wait to see if a time will be scheduled for the evidence to be examined by our expert on our dime. The Pd in this state seems to be working overtime to play keep away with the new evidence.

There is a very good reason why the Pd does not want this to be examined at all. There is actually a lot of information people do not want revealed about the first go around that left all or accounts drained of money and if there is ever real interest I will write more when this PC trial ends.  When it ends  I hope to fill in the names of the town’s detectives who have not acted in any proper  way to start.  I would like to believe the state government does not agree with corrupt police behavior and will look into the situation but so far there seems no interest in even assisting the judge to have the true evidence looked at.

There has been no acknowledgment of the documented keep way of evidence by the original detective that did zero investigating.   So months and now over a year of the state keeping keep away with the new evidence has occurred. It is the same as the first round were all the evidence was not turned over but we were told last time that it did not matter, there was going to be zero more pretrials and we had t goo to trail and defend ourselves without even knowing the evidence against us or do a nolo  conteste with terms that were explained we would just move on with what was explained as very little consequences.  And I should not leave out at the exact same time we were told our huge retainer was drained just on pretrials and we needed to find another source of finances to tap into and had over plus $10,000 anyway. Since I am venting and it is clear no one is reading the blog what motivation does any attorney have to ever go to trial?

They take all your money up front, in this state to have an attorney have to itemize hours billed is unheard of even though I believe it is a law hat they should at least be responsible enough to keep track of 300 an hour bills they send.  And even it they did how could anyone prove or disprove an attorney stayed up three days straight thinking just about your case and can bill you for 48 hrs in 3 days?  And then when the time to really work comes,  the time to go to trial and defend you they scare you into pleading and still keep all your money and ask for even more that once for plead you ail never have a way of paying back because you will never be able to work again. And do not let your attorney lie to you,  even with a no lo contest, or a plea you will never work in a normal job again. And while

I am on the subject of billing, expert witnesses are the same as well.  They get a chunk of money upfront, make you wait forever,  offer a piece of what you need to go forward, then demand more money to do a single thing more, including the report that you feel you paid for in the first contract and lump of money, or they will walk.  You invested money in the person already and so you pay  more and hope that will be the end, but it is never the end of the billable time until the case is over so every time there is a postponement or issue to continue the case again, your attorney gains power to charge more, your witnesses gains reason to charge more, and you have to sustain your family with no income and continue to pay legal thieves demands for money.  And the final kicker is if you finally give up die from grief they don’t care or suffer for bleeding you and allowing the case to continue on forever.

They have their chunk of money and then there second and third demands for money and then they do not have to testify or go to trial and do the job they were hired to do the first round of money they get from you.  For criminals they would call this extortion and blackmail, but for government and people working for the government they call this doing business. I attempted once to ask for the itemized billing for an expert witness if nothing else see where the time management was going and the funds were being drained by.  I got a tirade of he did not have to and if I am questioning his billing then there is an issue of trust and we  should not work together.  At this point I did not have even a written report from the private investigator so I already sunk my money into a black hole.  He would take what ever money we wanted and I would hand it with a smile and maybe, just maybe if I was lucky at some point my family would be saved from more of hell.

He had a point in that not everyone is even willing to work with families in hard situations because it is politically difficult to help a family wronged by the government.  So yes I feel it was wrong and I was wronged to be literally yelled at and intimidated for asking some accountability of time he is right in that very few would even try to assist and he did do the work, very much on his schedule and not in my budget but he did find the mistakes and help understand why things evolved.  And He does get the same umbrella that state workers get in that he is doing what is deemed legal. Slight update we learned that 3 of the 4 pieces of evidence from the first round have been wiped.  Why would they wipe evidence of a case that is actively being reviewed. hmmmmmmmm.  Why indeed, what ever could be a motivation?  hmmmm.   Anyway, the story is that next week sometime our expert will be able to get in and view the new evidence.  Let us see if this comes true. At this time I am not implying I agree experts and attorneys should have this limitless power to extort money and then even still walk away if you do not continue to feed their demands but if I really get a report this round it will be good to have something for the fee this time.  we were charged thousands last round and we were not even given a report first round.
AS a matter of a fact general public had access to the state reports before we the accused did.  We did not even know there was anything to discuss until almost a full year after the initial incident. June 17 to July 28 as far as I understand we have been unsuccessful in scheduling an appointment for the viewing of the new evidence.  I am talking just can not even get the time of day to make the appointment.

  •  Do we have the correct person to contact in the crime lab to make an appointment?
  • Since we know no one will lift a finger to assist this case maybe we think outside the box to get it done?
  •  Perhaps we hire a private currier or we pay an officer like clubs pay police officers to help with traffic some times, so the evidence is brought to where it needs to go.
  • If our expert witnesses request for viewing the other pieces of evidence is going to be denied is there a way we could find this out without waiting to the next court appearance so we ca be productive with time instead of not knowing requests stopping everything?
We have all learned that he crime lab does not have to do much of anything the court requests and if it does not want to it won’t.  We have all learned this on the backs of my kids.  
As  I understand our expert is doing everything for our case and asking for the correct stuff and his inferences  and experience as to why to ask for all the information is fantastic.  I just want to know if he has experience getting into the crime lab or should we make a phone call or two and see if there is a form or another person or a fee we have not been informed of to actually get in to the crime lab, a secret handshake, a club members only password, what is it that we need to do to examine the new evidence that I am guessing will be currupted or somehow destroyed even if we are able to get in. 
It should not take a month to make an appointment.  Do we know the correct way to make an appointment at the crime lab?  I mean could it really just be flat out stonewalling? I did not know that such blatant keep away was considered just and legal.  hmmmmmmmm
August 14 quick update
A quick update.  In this last meeting it was very brief.  After over six months a subpena for info was given and so the day before the PV trial the evidence not destroyed in police custody evidence was reported to be given to the state crime lab. Now we wait to see if the expert gets to go into the crime lab and examine the new evidence. So an entire month is scheduled before next check in date with the court to see if evidence get s to be looked at again.

I try to understand how a young detective would so callously make a false statement on his police report and destroy an entire family.  I appears it is to just look cool and good in front of his colleagues to make a guilty conviction no matter how dirty, corrupt, unethical, flat out illegal his paperwork and job is.  So do the other officers in his station look up to him for being a dirty cop?  It is said that he police chief is here in our small town because he beat up a suspect in a prison cell at another present.

I am not sure of this rumor but if true does  the police chief of our town have any integrity in police work, does anyone care if police are held follow their own laws and policies at all or is the police badge now a symbol of untethered abuse toward any community completely held unaccountable for all actions taken.  Are police here to protect and serve the community or are they now just thugs with amenity because they hold a badge?  With the actions taken in Ferguson, Missouri, what is the current role of police in our community?  Thugs, and acting like terrorists themselves as they are killing unarmed citizens midday with zero accountability and then treating the unset community as terrorists in their own home.  Additionally the police in this town arrest reporters relaying the stories as they unfold. The rest of the nation gathers the information as it trickles in and we have to ask how is this possible in our own country?  So are you still ready to have our legislators sign for the UNCRPD?  Do we really want to continue to sign away rights in belief it will lead to safety?

Allowing the young detective who willfully wrote misleading and untrue information on his police report, then withheld evidence during the fist discovery, and now to further cover his tracks he held up new evidence to be examined for nine months and finally reports that two important pieces of evidence in this case are destroyed, one actually smashed by him and the other wiped and the device is in use, all this done blatantly to slow down and derail a case that will prove once and for all innocence of a man and relieve the pain of having a false charge on the family.  The few moments of good job detective for a case he held together on his lie of a confession, a confession that is not documented, not taped as a matter of a fact the only place it is stored is in his imagination, this officer has no remorse for the suffering his unethical power card caused.  Do we really want families destroyed and courts clogged with cases based on imaginary statements invented by police officers? Should police badges really provide complete immunity for unlawful, unethical and non-humanitarian actions?

8/25/2014 and a little summary.  The office backup that we were told was in the state crime lab in March is not in the state crime lab.  We do not know if it is officially lost yet. The other piece of evidence that was withheld by the police the first round was physically smashed in December of 2013.  hmmmm.  So one item needing to be examined smashed by the detective personally in December, one item handed over to the detective over a year ago is still not at crime lab despite subpoenas and court orders because the detective will not bring it over and I am waiting to hear if it officially lost.  One item that was first stated as having evidence and then not having evidence and then when asked by the AG to bring in all of a sudden was looked at and has evidence possibly but wait what is this the evidence is corrupted.  hmmmmm.  So four pieces of evidence without a report on them or access by our specialist for a report in over a year from the requests to have a report on the devices.
So the trial will be delayed again because the police continue for over a year to withhold evidence that the judge wanted to be examined.  This is on court record that the judge wanted the items examined. hmmm.  Finding justice from corrupt police,  are we really OK with this type of government.  Do we feel so oppressed in our own country that we just give up and accept  corrupt practices?
And OK for September’s update, ready for this stall from our AG Jeanne (sp)
So the people who agreed we should look at the evidence but then our very own state crime lab refused to run the reports saying it would be too much time even though the judge ordered it, so we go and pay  someone to get the new evidence reports, to first be delayed because the new evidence wa not handed into the crime lab, then 3 out of four are wiped but we still want dot examine for “thumb print but then wait actually one was even destroyed by the detective, –yes all this happened in real life so far– so then the crime  lab expert Brit first could not find the turned in evidence and then decides to give only a partial report of the new evidence.  Way to go Brit, paternity of the police way over justice for the people, at least there in no question if you are one of the good guys since you are clearly one of the guys…
Anyway getting past all this fun we have had as delays and hurdles by our very own government workers here to serve an protect (who??) The AG Jeanne now is delaying the start of the trial by requesting a copy of the report she should have had the state police do in the first place from us and what report is our corrupt little AG asking for and why?  She put up every effort to block the  learning of our family and has allowed every effort to prevent the new evidence to come to light and then she can not even have the decency to allow the trial to move forward.
So the games continue with no end in sight right now but if there was any question how corrupt and how far Rhode Island state workers will go  to maintain their corrupt dynasty stay tuned.  We are not stopping and we are fighting on.
It has been an eventful few weeks and I am not sure even where to begin.  I think I mentioned that it took the detective 13 months to get evidence to the crime lab.  The crime lab tech Britney ran a report a while ago that omitted times and dates from her report the significance is that she had to manually change settings and consciously leave this info off so there was no more guessing as to whether she was a straight shooter or not.  Also her report stated that there were zero matching files but our investigator found the matching files,  the titles were a little different so this can not blankly be blamed on Britney for not finding the matching files.
Meanwhile at my home we have a probation officer.  She came ones three weeks ago on her own and actually acted as though she did not want to upset our kids.  Then two weeks later she comes with a young cop from the local police force and was very loud and mean, I think it was to be all-powerful and show off in front of the young police officer.  The issue was she had a ton of wrong information and she was giving the local police officer a ton of worn info. I was there and tried to have her read the conditions right there and try to straighten out her misunderstandings.  Correcting her made her irate.  She became even more hostile and worse the young police officer did not even know or maybe did not even care.  He said  I better brush up on my understanding of the conditions.  We contacted our attorney who contacted the  attorney who came back and said Tina was wrong and should be backing down.  So next time my spouse went to his normal meeting with her not only did she not admit she was wrong she was even more hostile and threatened to come even more for more home visits, not for security but to upset my children and his family,  she will even bring the squat task force of six people to do her job with her to cause more of a scene to punish my spouse for correcting her.  So the restrictions are enough but he fact that our state, RI, has zero accountability for police and probation officer’s behavior should bother all of us.  Mini joke, so the probation officer Tina, who admits she has many issues and so even being brushed by any person near her will most likely end in her being violent, she was very upset to learn we have a non hidden every out in the open security system.  So the police and probation are upset I have a security system,  get the irony??
If we must waste tax payers money then we should have all public servants have to have psychological exams on a regular basis to ensure they are fit to go into others homes without causing more harm.
A little extra,  it was found that Tina was wrong and that my kids can have friends just like the judge’s orders say but the damage is done,  Tina mouthed off in front of a young officer in our town who  aim sure no one will correct the wrong training Tina dished out so our kids  will be spied on by the eager young police to make sure they do not have friends over the house.  Way to go Tina, are you proud of your abusive actions and abusive self?  You used your power to hurt my kids do thou feel better?  Do you feel strong inside for hurting my kids.  Does it give you rush to use your powers to hurt my kids?  Does it make you feel strong Tina to hurt children??? Does it mask some pain you are obviously carrying from your own experiences??  This type of hurting children because you have a badge does not make you any less evil than whoever abused and hurt you to make you such a hurtful creature.
Haven’t written events in a while most recent is two weeks ago entire file was lost so check in or pre trial pretty much  a waste, a week later meet and file found but attorney for witness not available so another waste of time and money, our money and tax payers to some extent.  So we have another check in next week.  Also the real AG is now looking at case and asking questions.  I will keep positive that at least it is something new.  I can see why constant postponement of a case to end it works almost all the time because no one can withstand to continue to pay for legal and expert help for such a long period not to mention that psychological toll.
Recap and more highlights

false allegations made, local detective instead of investigating makes false statements on a police report and falsely claims a confession that oh by the way is just the say of the young detective ever to look cool and great to his peers.

When we continue to stand up for ourselves and fight in court the I need to be joe cool detective who want s promotions also knowingly an willfully keeps critical evidence from discovery. Our attorney at the time did not seem to think it was important that we see the evidence and after asking for another huge amount of money and making zero motions on our behalf says we need to plea.

After plea new evidence is found as well as the realization our attorney, and most attorneys have little to zero ideas of what damage a plea does,  an investigator finds additional proof, new evidence is turned into the police department and another attorney is hired.  Soon after the original witness and accuser comes forward with more allegations and hands M-town detectives new evidence.

The original evidence that was withheld by local detective is destroyed by the same local detective.  The other evidence that was used in prior investigation is destroyed or compromised even though it was know the case was being reexamined.

The M-town evidence that prompted M-town detective to come to our home and ask questions was then denied t o have any contributing evidence and not turned over to the crime lab until the court wanted to see it anyway then miraculously the M-town elective took another look at the evidence and did discover (rediscover) there as contributing evidence and made report about it the night before handing in the evidence.  So he tried up to the line to held out his fellow brother police officer, danced in the center but did not cross the line a second time, he did his job the second time round.  The local police detective took thirteen months to drive up the new evidence he had and turn it into the crime lab.

And the crime lab, the crime lab refused o run the reports requested, couldn’t find the evidence, and then gave an incomplete report and this is an important point,

Britney, the person in the crime lab, generated a report and purposely, as you have to purposely set the settings to leave off date and time information and yet Britney purposely left off time and date information on the evidence which is relevant to the the case.

Also when she checked for matches between the new  and the older evidence she did a basic size and bit comparison and did not see the duplicate files so now hat our expert did id the duplicate files the AG wants us to pay for another pretrial meeting to show him that the files match even though the exact location of the matching files were provided.

I am trying to take this as a good sign in that he is looking for more information although you know his job is twist every fact to make and keep convictions and has zero reason to try to go for justice in this or any case.  Meanwhile this inflates the role of our private detective who uses another great opportunity to demand more money without ever accounting for the other money funded already and will not work any more until all his demands are meet. Enterprising to say the least but this is how our justice system is run.   There are no enforceable laws to how much and how often a private businessman/expert witness can demand money so know this if you need the service of an expert  witness.  they can changer the rules they want to follow in an instant.  To this point our attorney has been professional, it his snot over but if he maintains this professionalism I hope he gets credit for this and other colleges look up to and admire remaining professional.  Another note about our PI,  in the court of law you can not speak for yourself or present your own facts and in this case you can not even know exactly what the evidence is against you without an expert.

=] Few will do the work of an expert and even few will claim to be an expert and actually do work.  Our expert did go and verify facts, investigate and provide invaluable evidence for our case and deserves to be paid.  Perhaps the extra pay being demanded over and over again is more a factor of our case being dragged out and dragged out so he has to stay current on all the information.  Perhaps it is the annoyance of having to redue his work over and over that makes it seem demanding more and more and more money and finding more and more and more ways to feel more money is needed is just and extension of the system in that way that it just continues and continues and does not let a trial date happen.  It is extortion, if we want the help of his expert testimony wet will continue to pay over and over again for his services.  When we asked a while back for an invoice of hours since the demand for money was starting to come in on a faster rate and it was becoming very unclear how we could owe even more money when no testimony has been given or new actions taken and then it was laid out very clear that if we did not pay whatever amount demanded without question as frequently as it is demanded our expert would walk away.

Police detective withheld evidence, destroyed evidence and took per 13 months to transfer other evidence to the crime lab. Crime lab, Tina, refused to provide reports requested eve though judge ordered cooperation, could not locate the evidence for a time, provided a report without dates that required a willful act to remove dates and times of evidence.  It is a huge misunderstanding by the public that tax payer funded crime labs are for the justice and safety of the community.  Clearly crime lab’s roles are for the growth of convicting citizens and manipulating evidence to continue to prosecute citizens at an ever faster rate to bloat the need for such a facility and tax money.  The crime lab does not serve justice or the citizens, it serves it’s department to grow revenue via feeding off other people.

A false allegation from a mentally challenged person made a path for a young detective to force a conviction via lying on a police report, hiding and then destroying evidence. How and why should anyone rejoice in causing a hardworking tax paying stable family to where it is challenging to fiscally support our family never mind make enough money to contribute to charities or taxes?

Where  is the honor of being a police officer if corrupt practices are openly accepted and perhaps even encouraged.?

We wait for the opportunity to present the new evidence in court, it has been more than proved their is new evidence already and yet we still wait to get a day in court.

If the witness does not want to take the fifth that is OK we should still get to go to court, if the AG does not feel his crime lab person can follow the path to were the matching files are it is OK we will present this in court,

If the Ag wants to ignore the audio evidence in their possession, if they want to ignore the new evidence that has already be spelled out a couple of times for them, fine see it at trial again where their is a court record and a judge to see the evidence.

If the paper trail that spells out the withheld and then destroyed evidence is not clear enough then perhaps when we present it for the court record and in front of the judge it will be clear enough.

If the AG wants to fight our case even though they have have all the facts and new evidence then lets see how they are going to twist it in the court room on record when we have a defense attorney to help us.

Lets do this. Stop the stalling and postponing. Unproductive but interesting 12/2 pretrial meeting.

A third party who was appointed an attorney to help determine if they should take the 5th.  A public defendant was assigned several months ago if you have been reading.  The pre trials have lasted so long that the original public defendant was not available anymore so a new one was assigned several months ago.

The third party had called, left messages and sent emails wanting to meet and suppress the public defendant did not return even one of the emails or messages,  hello state employee with zero accountability for anything.  Anyway the third party had the nerve to be miffed and upset,  I think blown a gasket in the court room and out is how it was described.  The Public defender apologized and said he was there now and wanted to schedule an appointment in the future. The third party is not on our side but I can sympathize with the enormous frustration toward getting anything done or any response from a state employee.  The third party should have hired a private attorney by collecting from all the people who originally wanted in on the drama and offered to assist with an attorney. hmmmm.  And since when has any state person help without taking or costing something in the process?   hmmm.

And Where are the story fanning family and their money now?  Did they get bored and find some other drama to fan perhaps? So the same instructions as last meeting for this meeting and we will meet again in two weeks and third-party to meet with public defender again  as was instructed last pretrial and AG is to finish with questions for our side prior to trial and then if we all meet again in two weeks we can meet again the first or second week of January. and we can keep doing this forever since it doesn’t seem to faze anyone it is the same instructions as last pretrial meeting.

Just to keep things updated on this journey our out of control, zero ability to think before speaking or filter words and already stated has a hard time controlling her own actions probation officer announced to all probationers that they plan on hitting all the probationers and families hard for Christmas time.  And this is not a punitive action how?  Did you notice the great pleasure it gives this probation officer to escalate and cause negative actions?  Again, why would they place a person with so many clear psychological hangups in her position?

When the names are revealed, and they will be, you may want note how there is  mini family dynasty in social services with the same last name and related to each other.  I do not know at this time if this probation officer is part of that dynasty or it is just coincidence but it would explain how someone so unstable and in such little control of her actions and statements is on the government payroll. First Jan hearing postponed a week because an attorney was sick.

Postponed two weeks because the AG’s witness to plead the fifth was no show today.  Also a few months ago AG made a request in court to review evidence with our specialist and attorney on hand prior to trial but has not been able to make this happen with the schedule.  I am intertwining his and her shed. because the assistant AG who has done all she can to postpone and drag out this case now has her supervisor a man, looking into the facts so 18 months into pretrial for at the  post conviction hearing someone is thinking about looking into the actual case.

We remain in terrible financial dispar, our legal team of  course will disappear when we can no longer meet their funds.  Our expert witness, PI just randomly requests what ever some of money or he will walk away, doesn’t even bother to pretend to justify it with hours spent.  How many times do you think  I have paid to have the same report made without it reaching final stage.  PI is a great money maker career and since it is not illegal I am sick that we are victimized by yet another person and my children feel the effect of this but hey it is our justice system at work.

Since Pis  are not bound by any imaginary board or any view of ethics they can do whatever they want. Anyway NO show again at the two-week extension but because of snow and so scheduled 2 days later but still too much snow so scheduled for 3 weeks later in hopes hat snow would not be an issue.  Also other side finally got a date to view some files when ll could be present.

Questions answered so they want more time to look at files that they have had over 18 months to look into.  Really?  Anyway I hope that if this story is ever read anyone thinking the AG is for justice has now been introduced to the reality that it is all a chess game and the only motivation the AG has is to win no matter what.  They all sat in the same room and saw two duplicate files in different locations and even their expert said they matched but AG is still looking for a smoke screen instead of the just thing to do. So even though there is a new date for three weeks out will the correct people show and will the AG continue to stall because 18 plus months of access to compare files is not quite long enough for them to take a look.

Credit to the every well paid exploiting PI he did do some good work at the meeting over files today.  So the report that was first provided that said no matching files was incorrect and we were right and there are matching files.

This has made me feel even worse in that

1.besides the original police detective who withheld evidence the first time and then even after being told the investigation was continuing destroyed the evidence and

2. then took 13 months to drive the new evidence to the crime lab,

3.not to mention made up a false confession claim,

4inaccurate about his police report and

5 by the way did the police academy train him to throw underwear around a room or was this just his own inspired act?

anyway :


1.the detective not doing his job and

2. besides the Middletown detective who found the matches on the other piece of evidence then claiming there was nothing until asked to turn it in any way and miraculously the images were found again,

3.besides one cop not during his job and his buddy covering it up as long as possible,

4.I am sad that the crime lab forensics  person deliberately kept dates from one report, the software they use is set up so you have to consciously remove dates from a print out, so besides giving an incomplete report to assist in justice her other report stated no matches and we had to spend out money again to pay our expert and attorney to hold their hand and point out the matching files.

So I am sad that no one in the government offices are  working for justice or to clear up anything.  It is just one-act after another to not let the evidence and the truth be shown.  It is all an ego game of winning via prosecutions regardless of justice being served.  It is an AG so bent on being seen as hard on crime that he will do everything and anything to stop the facts from being presented.

I am sad because this is the system that we teach our children to believe in and it is so unethical and corrupt.  I am more sad now then before. And I learned that they have not even done their own report on the newest piece of evidence which they have at the crime lab.

So we are over one and a half years of nudging for our day in court and the AG’s office has not bothered to start their own work.  They will most likely as in definitely stall the process out again by crying they have not had time to view the new evidence that has been in the states hands for over 18 months. My family and my children mean nothing it is just about egos and winning convictions regardless if there was guilt or not.

So far there has been the original detective who withheld evidence and then destroyed the evidence and rests his case mainly on claiming a confession was made the he did not have recorded or in writing because it did not happen.  He did have time to throw underwear around the room, he has done this same ritual at other homes  he went into, more of a high school boy prank than an action of a detective who wants real respect but there he was a detective.

The rumor is he has family in the justice system and that would fit this states reputation. It also took this detective over 13 months to drive a piece of new evidence to the state crime lab.

The neighboring town detective was given a new piece of evidence hat he accompanied several officers to our home to ask about sciences contained matching files from the last date.  But then he claimed their was nothing on it and it was corroded. But he has asked to hand over the new evidence anyway and the night before handing it in he was able to see the files he claimed he saw the time he questioned us about it in a report late the night before handing it in.

On the end of the state crime lab,which did not correctly hid the last piece of evidence so it was missing for a while. On the smaller piece of evidence the crime lab expert elected to leave of times and dates on her report, you have to manually check off and consciously leave off dates with the software used.

This seems unethical but since she knows who and what side of the fence she works on perhaps this in itself is slimy but not unethical.  Then in another short report it is noted that their were no matching files.  So everyone, that is attorneys on both sides and our paid and then paid again and again specialist all look at he files and wait a minute they do match.

But still the prosecution wants to continue. We have the prosecutor of the first case who talked with their witness who was illegally hacking into the defendant’s computers and reading all correspondence between lawyers and experts for a while and completely infringing on right to discovery for the accused.

But following facts and laws apparently are not part of the job description of prosecutors. On the council of our present attorney and to end the marathon of turning our lives upside  down and against what I though would be correct a plea was made even though we had not even seen all the evidence, but according to our attorney of at the time we were never going to see all the evidence against us, their was a plea agreement made but the prosecutor did not even follow the agreement or the facts of the case when it was mutilated up on the stand.  the charges did not match the facts or evidence of the case, an I mean not even the fictitious report filed by the underwear tossing original detective report, or even the states own crime lab report.

So the agreement the prosecutor read was not the one written out and agreed upon minutes before and did not even match the facts of this case but with the formality happening and the intensity of the proceedings it was clear questioning or asking anything once this “ceremony” of no conteste plea started was not allowed. a pleading look of what is happening to happen with our attorney but he just shrugged and gave the there is nothing I can do now look back so the no contest plea that did not mirror what was discussed or even match the evidence turned in by their own crime lab went on record, another version of misinformation went documented.

AG’s assistant is now joined with the AG and any communication between our specialist and the crime lab specialist is communicated with the boss of the specialist we have ben working with.  So their will never be any wrong doing or accountability for the actions of the crime specialist, the endless stonewalling by he assistant AG is now accompanied by the requests to revisit evidence that has been at he AG’s office’s disposal the entire time.  Tax payers money is being spent to force us to spend and go further into debt when this event could end and we could go back to being a gainfully employed tax paying citizens. So lets pretend for a minute we will actually get to have the new information presented to the judge.  Will justice have a chance yet?  If the real evidence is allowed to be presented and the new evidence is acknowledged then what?

Would the original prosecutor even be talked to or placed on probation for taking information that was illegally obtained during discovery, not likely for their will be the claim he did not know and maybe he did not know this, although he new his changed plea information did not match the agreement or even the facts of the case.  Should our own attorney perhaps have tried to keep the no conteste to the agreement or facts perhaps I do not understand how we had to plea right then without even seeing all the evidence never mind to what was not even factual to the case.  Apparently being just or factual has nothing to do with our current justice system.

Anyway back to lets pretend we will get to present in front of the judge and the AG has exhausted the stonewalling and all parties actually show up. Will there even be justice with the judge.  Lets just imagine the new evidence is actually viewed.  The ill-behaved detective with the creative fictional reports, inability to hand in evidence and brashness to destroy evidence will never be held accountable for all the damage, pain, suffering and harm done to my family and children.  Will the crime lab consider  being ethical in their work for this small state?

The AG of our state, as in all AG’s want to be tough on crime to protect the citizens and the voters.  Will he have the stomach, wisdom and strength to tough on the government employees who acted in bad faith, who violated our rights as citizens.  Will he even investigate and hold accountable those who acted unethical in their job position to further their career rather than serve justice to the people or will we face even more corruption and be denied again.

Also it is good to note how we had to hire a person to do the investigating for us.  So we paid taxes in part to maintain a justice system that we learned the hard way does not work for justice and then we had to pay for a person to get e information and then we have to keep paying and keep paying over and over again the investigator for the same reports as the prosecutors hope we finally give up and give up on our own family because we exhausted our last resource and then some.  To add to the injustice the fact that there are zero laws to help with what would otherwise be extortion should be looked into if ever we has a community and society want to place integrity and justice back into our legal system. AG bent of being tough on predators and supports even harsher regulations for registrants who have already served their time by allowing more to b subject to public vigilante.

The registry is all about vigilante and basically giving the general public the red light to hate and terrorize this group of felons paying zero attention to what charges were.  I can see why he would fight our PCR so much he wouldn’t want it well known that police bend rules to charge people of crimes to bloat numbers and incite more fear into the public so more funding will be released.  We will never see justice because they will keep finding ways to prevent us from the court room and the judge. A little venting the last post.  We will have our day in court.   I am heartened by the surprise some have in that the AG who has been supplied with all the facts and information would not want to move swiftly to undue an injustice.  This was my naive thoughts as well.

But the fact that many still have this belief in justice is warming.  The few who are driven by power and give in to corrupt practices to further their career are not the voice or wishes of the majority. To keep this going actual hearing was supposed to and kinda did start last week.  A case before ran over so we go to start for a whopping 2 hrs. A witness plead the fifth and the AG spent a great deal of time trying to disqualify our expert witness. I was told this is standard practice.  There was a follow up meeting with attorneys this Tuesday where the judge told the attorneys on both sides what he wanted answers to.  It should all be kept on record in the courtroom in my opinion but there they were.  The AG continues even with al the information at his disposal to fight tooth and nail. It is an ego thing for him.  He needs to win no matter what   I am so disgusted with his conduct.  He really is doing his best to suppress the truth and then feel proud he did it in a courtroom.  Again, you hear about this on TV but I think we all like to believe there is a little justice in the court system and that rights and truth matter.  Having a front row to watch is dizzying in  how little the court is about justice, or at least this AG.  I hope I have a chance t share with others in this state how the AG handled the case as well as how the crime lab withheld evidence,  and the town detective withheld evidence and fabricated his police report.  But the fact that over two years has gone by and they are arguing against a case they still haven’t invested in looking at all the facts.

The platform they stand on is to protect children but they are grandstanding on the pain and destruction of my family and children.  it is vert apparent with all the facts in that they were wrong and there is the evidence that they were wrong nut it is not stopping them from continuing just to fight and the AG really hopes to win even when he is wrong.  He has absolutely zero concern for the cost of his actions to my family and that should not be the standard for AGs.  I am disgusted by this behavior and attitude.

So now spring vacation is about so we have to wait three weeks to continue the hearing. Derick and Britney your unethical behavior have cost my children and family so much.  The story line is you did it to protect possible victims in the future but you directly hurt my kids.

Derrick, as the detective at the time you obviously wanted t look cool to your other officers as you threw my underwear around my room to be disrespectful.  Did they teach you this at the academy.  You’d not care you were taking statements from a mentally challenged old lady as long as they assisted you to have an arrest.  Didn’t bother you at all that even though we cooperated 100% to get your search over with you wanted the blast arrest numbers so much you arrested and charged an innocent man and caused years of harm to his family.

Britney, I would like to belive you are not just evil enough to keep information off a report but you did.  For the good of the investigation and the good of your fellow police officers you did keep off times and dates on your reports tat would be helpful.  You have to consciously and manually select to keep this information off in you software. You are responsible for harm to my children.  Did  the good job protecting your police brothers feel so good you didn’t even think of the family your hurt and cheated for that recognition. This behavior is disgusting .

Anyway, since out town detective fabricated his police report and claimed a concussion to make himself look good, remember notepad no written just his work hat he heard a confession.  This home town detective withholds and then destroys the initial piece of evidence that started his investigation and furthermore even after being told directly there is an ongoing investigation he destroys another piece of evidence.

His detective from a neighboring town had new evidence handed to him that prompted him to question us about and stating their was illegal material on it.   Then he never handed it into the crime lab.  Then he denied ever seeing illegal material on it but when asked to bring it anyway to the courthouse he did one last look at it the night before and their was the illegal information on it just has he had said when he questioned us about months before.

We have our Britney at crime lab who first found zero illegal material and then found illegal material that did not match the already turned in material and on these reports she consciously removed the times and dates because we wouldn’t want any actual evidence to be documented or noted???  Then after shown and directed to by our expert witness she finds a match and there is more than a match according to our witness but even after dragging my family through hell we still can not be honest, work with integrity, we still play games with information provided or not provided by the crime lab.  Now her supervisor is present when any questions are asked. So local detective, neighboring detective, crime lab specialist, and an AG very very determined to not allow the facts to speak for themselves and feels his job is to win no matter what even keeping an innocent family down.

So we do what other do and what little we had for college for our kids and home equity we drain to pay for more attorneys.

Our first attorney had  plea even without all the evidence handed in and assured us that if we did not plea that very day that very minute the judge would not allow a continuance for us t get all the evidence in.

Anyway you read that,whether our attorney at the time was right and the judge would not demand the police to turn over all the evidence or that he judge for the calendar sake would not allow another delay, ( I have to say now that we have been on PCR delays for about 2 years I doubt the judge really would not have allowed us to get all the evidence)  our children would not be allowed around their father for most of their childhood life if we did not make a plea right at that moment.

And the plea was that from time to time computers would be checked for any illegal files,   it didn’t seem so bad at the moment, neither of us realized that a squat team would be launched at our family from tie to time. Also a large issue was that different agencies or parts of the process did not even know what their boundaries were.

The pleas was set put to minimum impact on our children.  There was already determined no threat to the community or risk to the community even as the charges stood.  We had zero fines, which was a relief since we were tapped out by attorney fees, and according to our attorney their was no reason to not be able to work.  I the conditions it even stipulated computer use.  We were not on the public registry.  What we did not realize is that people would never know of the conditions because not only were  outside people who did not have the information going to make up their own facts, stories and assumptions,  people who work with justice system were never going to read the special conditions or follow the ruling of the court.  Our first probation officer was reasonable, not nice or warm but sane, well wait the very first probation officer that came out was arrested and charged shortly after, the next probation officer was reasonable.  The one after freely admits has issues and is hostile, ignorant, enjoys her power and privilege to abuse at any time and is held absolutely unaccountable for her behavior.  Definitely a fine example of how corrupt government is.  I wrote and spoke to her supervisor, who after spinning my wheels with informed me that she did not handle complaints of workers and directed me to the internal affairs person who did nothing.

Tax dollars being used for what?  Anyway it seems the process in the government is if you complain about someone they are talked to and then given a promotion.  This probation officer went and still goes out of her way to make things tough on our kids.  This is how she gets her a rush.

So a person suffering from dementia calls in complaints that prompted a investigations.  We won or but to rest all the allegations and last one, the last one that is why we are having a PCR, we did not know we were set up until the last-minute, it took nine months for the discovery of the charges to be given to us, our attorney at the time explained that zero prison, actually zero restrictions for work or any activity other than volunteering, zero fines, and just the inconvenience of our computers being checked from time to time was a good deal and if we did not take it we would likely not have a father in our kids life.

But no one could prepare us for the rumors or fears or false information some people imagined and then believed.   It was rough in that my husband lost his job even after he had discussed the plea with his boss and his boss and it was going to be alright, but no one could have prepared us for is complete strangers taking upon themselves to target our children for hate, anger and malicious behavior.  Somehow the rumor of what some people thought happened that was not true or even part of our charges,  for some reason it is ok to be hateful and hurtful to our children.  Do you get how twisted this is????

So we are being hit up for more money your own legal defense again,  they have placed time in this case again, we have to refresh every time for the “new” new date which costs money and we have to pay our expert to do all the research and work with the evidence since our own state crime lab apparently is not held to any type of ethical standard in their work and really do not supply the information to the defense.  I hope someone reads this and it helps them.  I would not have believed the state crime lab and its team were allowed to not supply all the information and facts but another fine example of our tax money going to support work that is not monitored and workers who are not held accountable for their reports ever.

So knowing that our town detective fabricated a police report, this is my word against his so lets move onto what is documented, he withheld evidence, destroyed evidence and even after being informed destroyed more evidence, knowing a neighboring town detective went to the very line to held his fellow officer keep an innocent family looking guilty for the reputation of his fellow officer, knowing that the state crime lab did not correctly do their first two forensic reports correctly, knowing that even with all  the evidence in the AG is still bent on keeping an innocent family marked as guilty and subject to harassment and 100% harm from the collateral damage of he courts actions,  so even innocent the AG will fight this. For what?  If there isn’t any ethical people in the justice system and there are no morals to conduct from the departments created to protect families not destroy innocents families.  What am I fighting for?  If we can not pay our legal team could not continue our case and we could not even hope for justice.  We could not survive another legal battle like this financially.  And we may have gained nothing from it at all.

It hassle na while since updated. there was another continuance.  Then  we started the trial.  You would think that once started they would let it roll but no we would have to wait for every other case to go first start in the afternoon. and then run out of time so reached another date to continue.

And yes the next date was postponed for whatever reason and then we went again for a brief time and then next time slot scheduled three weeks out and oh yup that date had to be moved two weeks out so that we could have a date that we could start earlier and so that date comes and we still had to wait till all other business was done for the day. So the first day we introduced out expert witness and the AG spent a lot of time trying to discredit our expert.  I guess this is common practice and I should not let it be upsetting but we couldn’t get to the presentation.

Also we have recording info that related to the case and the AG tried to not allow the evidence.  IF his job was for justice he would be happy to let all evidence into the court room.  An AG is like the Child protective service in that the general public believe they are  for justice but really they are just there to send as many people to jail, innocent or not. Anyway the AG objected to having the expert witness explain the significance behind each recording as it pertained to the case. I think this is what the expert witness should do so I did not think the objection should have been sustained.  However, most of the recordings spoke for themselves.

The AG then asked mostly ridiculous questions at our expert and yup sure enough ran out of time before AG could ask his last few questions so the AG could have 3 weeks to come up with more objections and attacks. AG trying to block our evidence and discrediting our evidence, mostly failing but he does add some smoke to the facts in front of all. It has been so long that important details were not given this time by my team.  We are so used to not being able to go our side gave about 75% of what they should have.  It is not over.  First round was alright, it could have been better and I am upset about this after all the time waiting.  No one reads this at this time but it does not seem to start to give blow-by-blow and predictions of wha we need to do on a live blog at this time.

I am disappointed in that dragging out the case as much as they have is having the effect would imagine and our first round was alright but not everything it should have been.  Need to get team in absolute ready mode every single time before going in since you do not know when you will be able to present.  Also I think the court and everyone is very aware that there is only a finite time you can support a defense team to be on ready.  Most people would have not even been able to make it this far financially.  Now my team is bringing up more big-ticket items and things to do.  It must be nice to be soulless and simply be able to bleed people absolutely dry and then walk away whether trail is finished or not. Anyway the fact that the  expert witnesses information on recorded evidence will be place to start an appeal so hope will live on.

A bit of emotion in the last paragraph.  It is good to note that the only, only information that the AG seems to be trying to hang their hat on is the statement the detective made that there was a confession made. No tape or written confession because the confession was never made but because the detective, the same detective that withheld evidence the first time round, wiped clean adn physically destroyed evidence, yes this is all on record, this is the detective that is saying there was a confession.

So we paid for the copy of transcripts from the original hearing and it did not include details of some, well at lest of the one thing we were looking for, how convenient. Recordings of all trials and courtroom proceedings should be recorded so selective inclusion or removal of record of detail information can not happen. I don’t know if there was foul play in the transcripts and I do not think so over all but I know I was not aware that the recorder did not take down all that happened. wow.

On the other note we have Brit watching and listening to all the testimony in court so far.  Brit is the state crime lab expert that first gave report that there wear not files to give a report on.  Then after several requests gave a report that she selected to remove time and dates of the files on the computer device.  So yes the has her fellow brother police officers backs all the way.  But at some point, some way don’t we want a tiny buit of incorrect police work in RI.  At some point shouldn’t unethical work practices be held accountable for by people in charge of enforcing laws?  Who enforces the enforcers to follow the law?

Anyway since this is an appeal she gets to sitting all the trial time, yes our tax payer money hard at work.  It is impressive that overtime a point is made with evidence the AG objects and he never stops objecting to us submitting any evidence.  It is hard to take because you would think that someone paid by the taxpayers would be slightly interested in justice rather that arguing just to hear himself argue or create smoke so the real issues and facts are blurred.

It has been suggested that our team look for a reason for the case to be turned outside all the new evidence that has been brought in, that does not involve having to fault any of the state workers as well,  has been suggested a new more neutral tactic.  Wow.

October 22, 2015 So one hearing date was cancelled because our well paid and then some and then some again expert needed to go another appointment.  Up we are waiting of rover two years now but he couldn’t make his appointment another time.

Next hearing postponed because our attorney broke his hand and well that is what it is, bad luck, frustrating but truly just one of those things.

So I go to hearing thinking we will have closing arguments but no our side asks for written closing arguments so two more months until next time.  Shall we start taking votes as to how many delays this will have.  And then I made the mistake of going to coffee with the group after but I was still spinning that nothing happened except another scheduled time.  Well almost our expert did go on the stand and speak for about 8 minutes.

Anyway going to coffee to hear all again that to do something right it takes time and then another round of how great  Ia from the expert.  If was really sad when the other side was not returning papers on time and not providing discovery and losing evidence.  But now it has been our own side that has more that been paid several times over to close this that has been having fumbles.  So I paid for the other side to mess things up with tax money.  I pay our side to go tag this out with my kids future as well as their childhood years taken from them and then I waste a few minutes of my time to listen to how this is all part of a good case and how great they are.  And if we are lucky we may get a really great thing at X-mas time.  We never asked for any of this, we did not start  this and to end a war we did not initiate want or ask to be any part of it. So it is not a present to have it end.  It is where the falling stops and the climbing out will start.

And to make the day that much more the probation officer and two other “friends” stop over.  It would actually not have mattered too much, it was a rub that for another two months at least they can stop over at anytime.  It had to be dinner time when the all kids are home so she could make a presence.  This was not a bad one because he was not home but my youngest though they were him so he went out to scare them in his Halloween mask for fun and found out that they were th probation officers.

Was it such a high and a great feeling to shout that out at a kid.  Did it make you feel big and strong and powerful to be hurtful. hmmmm

I should not have gone to the hearing but it was supposed to be the day of wrapping up and our side decided to have the closing arguments in writing, one more delay for months.   It is a complicated case I am told and we did not wan any information left out or twisted.  It has dragged on for so long that the judge wants the transcripts from this present case passed in as well as the old transcripts.

It is November 13 2015 and there is slightly less than a month to the next date. I have had the audacity to hire a person not clean have her do a great job cleaning and then have a lady of the house claim she can not find a chain, pendant is fine, but chain is missing, she was quick t decide it was the maid and field police report that day, hmm. Had her mind made up fast. a detective asked questions both I and the maid answered. Another detective asked questions.  He obviously has a lot of tie and tx payer money to waist i answer, he asks more i answer and ask employee to call again and she does. Ow she if upset at being accused of a crime and she has not been she was just being asked questions but our bored detective in need of some action and billable hours I guess hounds her so she quits and does not answer my calls. I who have answered the detective calls and cooperated 100 % have the detective come to my house, threaten search warrants for information that I already gave him and generally harass and threaten me and indirectly to continue until he can find a way to harass the maid who he can not charge with anything because it doesm’t even add up that a chain would go missing and not a pendant.  So he successfully terrorizes the maid and now will my family.  A common factor happening again.  Ia sure thanks to the pending case  I will remain a constant target.  The stress, hurt indignation, and the complete lack of accountability and any justice in this present world is putting me into a depressed state that is hard to snap out of.  We had a house to mortgage to slow down the “kill” but it seems innocent and with all the fighting we have done and all the legal fees we incur primarily for cooperating with the police they should feel absolutely victorious no matter what the PCR outcome is. My faith, good natured persona has been completely destroyed by thwack of ethics, justice, morals, in our system as it stands.  I am so hurt I double I will be an effective advocate for myself or kids much longer.  Maybe this go for the total kill mentality that is similar to pack animals to kill the weakest in the pack.  Now I am tired, have had our money depleted, I know first hand how corrupt the court system is and the police are,  it must be the same feeling for police that hunters have toward the innocent animals they kill for fun.  Badges elevate them to a place that makes them unaccountable for all actions and are rewarded for arrests and prosecutions only.  Innocent or guilty does not matter at all it is just feeding the system that they are paid to do and must enjoy the privilege of destroying innocent families.  I work hard to do. They wounded and shredded our reputation with the accusations, made a community alienate and even hostile toward the kids all for the glory of a promotion.  I have protectedly kids but to work they are at  risk of what other peoples actions and how that will effect you.  Congrats to the well thought out attack on my wore who dared to clean the home well, the lady complimented her on her hard work, the house was a complete mess and gross the lady was over whelmed with the task of being a mom.  I think it is smart to ask for assistance with cleaning I feel we help out by cleaning and helping moms catch up with house work. I now know maids undercharge for the risk thy expose themselves to in other peoples homes. I now fully appreciate another reason why contractors need to charge a lot of money.

The disgruntled person actually was an elderly person who had undiagnosed (at he time) dementia, it makes a person paranoid as they lose their memory and judgement. A spouse will become unreasonably jealous and accuse their partner repeatedly of cheating on them, conspiring against them or even trying to hurt them.  The dementia makes their fears real.  In our situation I believe the fears were fanned on by a long term friend who also suffered from many diagnosed existing conditions and is elderly s well.  In hind site and four years to process it seems maybe what she did was her version of protecting people she believed, thanks to dementia and fanning from a long time mentally ill friend, were in danger.  Her accusations would have gone no where had a real investigation taken place and truthful reporting on the police report occurred, if evidence was not withheld, if proper  procedure followed.  We as a community continue to allow commissions for our state government to continue for every family they destroy.  The focus for safe, secure healthy communities has been  turned into a business of our states profiteering off terrorizing, harassing, threatening, false arrests, separating families and destroying children’s sense of security.

It is the morning of November 15, 2015.  It is less than a month away to find out about the 4 year fight do to unethical misinformation, withheld evidence, misinformation. and a false information written up in a fairytale rather than a report of what happened.

I have managed to create a company for home improvement and was/am starting to pay down bills.  One employee/helper who cleaned a home and did an excellent job, could not find a chain to her necklace so filed a police report and of course the maid and I were questioned.  I called insurance, all is all set, they file a claim the insurance will take care of the lost chain. These are the facts.  Then a bored, unethical detective who would like a promotion re opens the case and decides to question and harass my helper who answered all his questions and then quits after repeated harassment by the detective and gave him her attorney’s information is mad and comes to my home and investigates me to prove he can do anything and demands my company’s records or he will get a search warrant all because a housewife can not find a chain and did not even know if the maid took it just was in a rush to go on a trip. Mean while I now have to pay for an attorney because the detective clearly has nothing else to do than kick around working people.  I am not writing this paragraph though to really vent about the detective, there will be several more about that.  I wanted to write this paragraph and hope that my spouse reads it someday.  I knew that when officers are investigating a crime they really can and will twist mutilate, lie about and anything for a conviction to get more recognition in the police force and advancements.  We as a community have allowed it to officers are now predators to the general pollution and since they have no one to answer to and zero accountability issues they can and do anything to get convictions, claim confessions, undocumented, un recorded and no witness just say they confessed to make their paper work easier and we allow this at this time.  Anyway, I have the fault of wanting to believe there is good and morals and ethics and principles still.  When the first wave of investigators came and my husband spoke with the detective without an attorney I was and remained really mad at his vanity in that he thought he could actually talk to a detective and expect a good outcome, that the detective would do anything moral, ethical or correct and try to investigate rather than just do anything to be able to arrest anyone of the glory and direction for a pay raise and better titles.  It is because he is a true Eagle Scout, and believes, or believes that the system will work if you let it.  I was so mad for him not recognizing this was the wrong time to think it would be ok to speak to and try an assist an officer.  It was not his good values and ethics that created this nightmare it was the lack of ethics, morals, and accountability of the officer and how rewards are set up.  I was brought up to find the good as well. When I spoke rationally and answered all the questions of the officer this time over a missing gold chain, I should not have spoke with him at all.  He twisted, peppered and worked to create a false situation.  Now I have to pay an attorney to sort out the mess the detective did with glee. He was so happy to threaten me and intimidate me.  Why do we want the type of people who enjoy hunting and killing innocent animals who are caged and consider killing something by abusing power is a good thing?  Anyway if anyone ever really reads this would they let him know I am really sorry for being angry at him for thinking if you are helpful to detectives it will help them do the right thing.  It will not it will just allow them to lie about what ever they want, write down what ever story they want and be hateful to all for promotions.  i obviously just did the same thing.  It is like being violated and beat up. It is wrong and should not be allowed but with a badge they have no one to answer to.  I am sorry I was mad for so long at my spouse for believing in the system and trying to cooperate.  You can not make deals with the devil, you can not try to work out anything with oppressive abusive power hungry badges in the uniform.  The y keep the motto rather judged by twelve than carried by six on the wall of the police academy I was training at in CA.

I realized I could not fight police correction inside as an officer.  I hoped when I was older I would be in a position to have at least some influence into the policies that govern its structure or know a few of the correct people.  It is coming back to me now.  When we make it through this last hurdle I will make more efforts in this direction.  I am really sorry for being upset with my spouse for even trying to talk to the detective.  I obviously just did the same thing over a chain to a necklace that is lost at a home  that was cleaned.

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    • Asset forfeiture is a contentious practice that lets police seize and keep cash and property from people who are never convicted of wrongdoing — and in many cases, never charged .  Studies  have found that use of the practice has exploded in recent years, prompting concern that, in some cases, police are motivated more by profit and less by justice.

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