Keep Justice

We should honor the true valor or police work by not allowing falsifying  police reports for better conviction records to go unaccounted for.


Using excessive force to evoke a signed or video-taped confession has never been accepted and some safeguards were set up to deter such behavior.  Now excessive force is not needed. Unsigned for and not video taped confessions, confessions that never happened, are written into reports.  This type of  “confession” allows the department to not have to follow-up with an investigation saves the department money but leaves the falsely accused with one more huge huddle to seek justice.


This type of abuse of position and power further weakens the justice system and hurts everyone.  Please ask the government to  safeguard our rights and let the legislators know this type of budget cutting is not acceptable by the general public and should not be allowed in reports unless they are signed to or video taped at the minimal.

It has now been documented that critical evidence was withheld during a discovery period and then destroyed by the same detective.  Additionally it now has been noted that two pieces of evidence handed in a year ago was first denied as new evidence and zero reports were written about it and now, again, about a year later, thanks to a judges court order, the new evidence will be viewed.  All there is to do now is hope the evidence is not lost, misplaced, or destroyed as previous critical evidence has been.  Also, the new evidence was handed over  in two different towns but the detectives of this small state seem determined to work together on not seeking justice just helping a fellow officer keep a conviction under his belt that e received for lying on his police report, hiding and then destroying evidence and not conducting a proper investigation from the start, these are just a few of the offenses against justice that has been done by the detective.